Lighthouse Ice Cream Rebuild

As many in the community know the Lighthouse Ice Cream suffered an electrical fire early Friday morning (11/24) Many people have graciously reached out asking how they might be able to help.

While damage is still being assessed, we wanted to share our projected needs with the community. More than anything we ask for your prayers as this has taken a toll on many involved with OB’s favorite ice cream shop. Furthermore, a share or donation if you’re able to is extremely helpful. Thank you in advance. We will rebuild and we will continue to serve OB’s favorite treats!

Please Donate Here

Lighthouse Ice Cream & Yogurt Answers to your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve dairy free ice cream?

Yes! We serve...

I heard you have pet ice cream. Is that true?

Absolutely. Bring dog in for a Frosty Paws high-quality protein (no sugar added) treat. We are pet friendly.

Where does you ice cream come from?

We take great pride in the quality of our ice cream which we purchase from Cascade Ice Cream from Oregon and Double Rainbow from San Francisco.

How close are you to the beach?

Our shop is one half block from the Ocean Beach Pier and Boardwalk.

Where does your apple pie come from?

Our fresh baked apple pie is from the Julian Pie Company just little over an hour away.